Chateau de Laubade Armagnac VSOP

NT$ 2300

獎牌/評分: 2011年度 IWSC Silver Medal 國際酒類大賽~銀牌
2010年度 WSAGold Medal~金牌 (90分)




【龍堡】 慎選均齡 6-12年陳年原酒精心調配,可當開胃酒或是搭配清爽甜點或淡味咖啡。
香 氣: 成熟水果、李子、糕點、香草、柑橘

TASTING NOTES: Nose of ripe fruit, vanilla and plum, smooth and delicate on the palate. The VSOP is a “pleasure” blend to be enjoyed as a digestif or as an aperitif. With a sweet curdled cream cheese with honey, guarigette strawberries with cane sugar followed by a light coffee.