Foradori Nosiola Fontanasanta 2022

2020年份 RP 93


Nosiola is an ancient Trentino grape variety, once spread throughout the region and whose
cultivation has since been restricted to the areas of Valle dei Laghi, Colline di Trento and Pressano. It is a variety that expresses itself intensely in poor soil vineyards, cultivating wines of great delicacy and longevity.

In the past, Nosiola was always vinified on the skins. The possibility of cultivating ‘real’ grapes, rich in energy thanks to the biodynamic practices
undertaken in the vineyard and the extraordinary strength of the amphora, means that now we have the possibility to undertake an ancient style of winemaking. The amphora (Tinaja from Villarrobledo, Spain), with its shape and the porosity of the clay that it is made from, allows the wine to be in contact with the skins over a longer period of time. This is the true expression of the Nosiola, which is revealed slowly, requiring patience and time.

This is a table wine that expresses itself best after breathing for a long period and served at least 15 degrees.

Name of wine: Fontanasanta Nosiola Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT
Grape: Nosiola
Vineyard location: Fontanasanta, Trento hills
Hectares: 3 hectares
Terroir: Calcareous clay
Fermentation and fining: 8 months on the skins in tinajas (amphorae)
Annual production: 10.000 bottles