Bruno Paillard N.P.U. Nec Plus Ultra Rosé 2003【配售,請電洽】


N.P.U. is only produced from Grand Cru grapes (among the 320 Crus in Champagne, only 17 are rated “Grand Cru”), is only produced from the first pressing of the grapes. Ferments in small oak barriques where it stays 9 months before each barrique is selected for the final composition.

Vareity: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

Ageing: Then has a minimum of 10 years maturation on lees into its bottle. It is disgorged as Extra Brut. The N.P.U. is returned in the cellars for a long recovery rest after the “surgery” of dégorgement, meaning the necessary length of time to create this cuvee cannot be less than 12 years. Disgorgement date: March 2015

Serve around 10° always preferably in a large white wine glass, and take your time to enjoy. Rich scents of mature red berries, spices, candied fruits will slowly develop. An incredible “promenade” amongst ample aromas, which seems to never stop.